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Membership benefits in the heart of Guildford

Membership of the Club involves being proposed and seconded by two other members.

A people place

The County Club is a private members club in central Guildford with a long history. The Club has always been actively involved in the Guildford community and around Surrey in order to promote prosperity and civic wellbeing where it can. The Club is known for extending a helping hand to neighbouring organisations as well as its members.

Many of our members play an active part in the life of Guildford and together with the Club management and staff create a warm, caring environment in which to meet, converse and dine.

Proposal forms can be collected from the office or downloaded below. Once completed by the proposer, the form should be returned to the club, where it will be given to the Honorary Secretary for submission at the next board committee meeting.

If there are no objections at either of two board committee meetings, one month apart, the application details are placed on the Members notice board for two weeks for members to consider.

Objections are referred back to the board, otherwise applications are approved are returned to the office for paperwork completion.

On payment of the fees, the applicant becomes a member of The County Club. The process takes between six and ten weeks.

Benefits of membership

There are many benefits of membership, including social and business networking, as well as access to an excellent central location to meet friends. As a member you are entitled to discounted bar and wine charges and you will find our menus very reasonably priced.

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Fees for 2017

  • There is a joining fee* of £225.00
  • Annual membership £225.00
  • Spouse membership £95.00 or £112.50 as a shareholder

*There is no joining fee for Under 35s


Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm
  • Thursday open till 10.00pm for dinner
  • Saturday open 11.00am to 4.00pm

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