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60 Seconds with Richard Middlehurst

60 Seconds with Richard Middlehurst

As a member of The County Club, Guildford, what benefits do you believe The County Club will have on your professional business life?
As a member of the county club for over 20 years it has been invaluable in meeting new contacts and for networking. Many of these contacts have become friends. The club has been very helpful not only to my practice but also my firm, not only as a place to meet clients but also to host events and seminars.

Do you believe The County Club, Guildford is a good place to network through? If so, in what way?
It is a good place to network. This is because the membership is predominantly professional and based at the heart of Guildford. The professional background of the members is varied and diverse. This means that you have access to a variety of different skill sets.

What recommendations can you give to anyone who is interested in becoming a County Club Member?
Get to know a member and be introduced that way. The value of the Club comes from using it on a regular basis and getting to know the other members. It's not for everyone so it would be worth visiting a few times to see if it is for them, however it is a very unique institution, the only one of it's kind left in Surrey.
It's unique because it's been around since 1882 and was founded specifically with the purpose of serving the business community.

Could you tell us a bit about your career at DMH Stallard?
I am head of Private Client Guildford, and I specialize in Family Law. Previously I was the managing partner at AWB, before we merged with DMH Stallard in January 2015.As a Family lawyer I see a variety of cases ranging from financial disputes to issues relating to children. Increasingly I am advising parents of divorcing couples who may have invested in the property which is in dispute, or who are about to invest in a property and want to protect there investment.


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