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60 Seconds with Adrian England, County Club member of 20+ years and current Honorary Secretary of the Club

60 Seconds with Adrian England, County Club member of 20+ years and current Honorary Secretary of the Club

60 Seconds with Adrian England, County Club member of 20+ years and current Honorary Secretary of the Club

An interview from one member to another

By Alexandra Vinall, County Club member, 3+ years

I recently met with Adrian England at the County Club to have a catch-up and hear what’s new with the club and his business. Adrian and I sat on the luxury velvet seats by the iconic centre window in the upstairs bar area, drinking a warming latte with the very tasty shortbread that accompanies each hot drink served at the club.  

The topic of conversation fell to the recent sell-out events which have taken place at the club both traditional such as quiz nights and golf days to newer events which have recently included a film night viewing of the Italian Job. Both sorts of events have been equally well received, Adrian tells me but for him, the car rally remains his firm favourite after many successful years of participating with fellow club members!  

If you are a member and are not aware of the car rally, you should definitely visit the club more – if just for the animated conversation that takes place here in the build-up to the event, which sees old bangers setting off from Guildford in tandem once a year, destined for France. 

Adrian’s role at the club stretches well beyond the hard-earned title of honorary secretary, which involves hosting and club affairs and meetings. He is also responsible for making sure existing members are happy and for encouraging and welcoming new members to join. A job he does very well. 

Adrian has been a member of the Club since 1992 and despite the 20+ years here, he still considers it to be a huge privilege to be part of the club. He became a member for the same reasons many new members join: to spend quality time with friends and business associates in one of the most comfortable surroundings in Guildford.  

I asked Adrian what he believes makes the club so unique: “Just look around, there are no other clubs like this in Guildford, it’s in a fantastic position on the High Street, managed fantastically well by General Manager, Kevin Lorimer and all the team that work here are passionate about delivering an exceptional service and experience for members. I believe wholeheartedly that the club is running now the best it has ever been”.    

As a member, I definitely concur with Adrian’s sentiments. While the club has maintained its long-standing history and traditional values, which add to the sense of pride and respect that each member has for being part of the club, it has also managed to move with the times. 

I’ve never had a bad meal or a coffee in my three-year membership at the club and while some restaurants have failed in recent times in Guildford, the County Club’s lunchtimes seem as busy as ever! More about the club’s history can be found at:

Adrian's areas of expertise outside being Honorary Security of the club include commercial and civil litigation, property litigation, employment and business law, divorce and family related matters. Over the course of the past 20 years or so, Adrian has represented a number of PLC companies in substantial commercial litigation matters and undertakes the majority of his client's advocacy in court.

It comes as little surprise then that Adrian is currently working to build relationships with other clubs and associations, which County Club members are able to use as part of their membership. His powers of negation born from many a day spent in court are thus a valuable asset

The affiliation with the Sloane Club in London’s Chelsea is hugely popular with County Club members. Providing you are a member of the club, you can use the facilities any time that you are in the city – just don’t forget your tie and jacket as you won’t make it over the threshold otherwise! 

The interview ended with Adrian, who lives in Ripley and is actively involved in village life both socially and professionally, telling me how his business has been going well this year – a similar story then to the County Club, which is still serving his long-standing clients and welcoming new ones too.

 Adrian England, England Palmer Solicitors



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