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An insight into the background of Jane Nathan and Healthcare On Demand

An insight into the background of Jane Nathan and Healthcare On Demand

Lady (Jane) Nathan is a recently joined member of the County Club. With a background in science and having spent the last 15 years running a medical education company, her career evolved further when she started her own clinic here in the centre of Guildford.  

This may not come to a surprise to many that know her, but what was the real driving force behind this? 

Here's an insight into the background of Jane, Healthcare On Demand and her experience of Guildford County Club. 


Jane Nathan and the creation of Health Care on Demand

I'm a scientist by background and have always had an interest in education, communication and health.

Jane taught in higher education for some 5 years and subsequently worked as a Clinical Research Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline. Her medical education company, an international business, designs and delivers training programmes for research scientists working on the development of new medicines. 

However, it wasn't until her daughter, Olivia, started to battle with depression at the age of 13, that Jane started to delve into the difficulties surrounding mental health issues and access to effective treatments. 

As Jane's professional role required her to access scientific experts across the globe at the click of the button, surely finding a treatment for Olivia's depression should be easy? 

Jane soon came to realise that finding the right help for this common problem was difficult. The NHS were, and are, under extreme pressure and could only meet the needs of the most severe cases; private care was extremely varied in availability and quality, so it was a real struggle to find the right support for Olivia's depression. 

The family eventually resorted to travelling to and from Brighton every week when they found the right therapist for Olivia, but this left a lasting impression on Jane.

If finding the right practitioners and treatment approaches was so difficult for someone familiar with the healthcare systems, and fortunate enough to be able to access private healthcare, what others experiencing similar difficulties? reflected Jane.

This was the motivator behind the creation of Healthcare On Demand, an accessible multidisciplinary service designed to give the public easy access to a team of carefully selected professionals with expertise in a wide range of mental and physical health issues.


What makes Health Care On Demand unique? 

Healthcare On Demand is a unique service as it hosts a multi-disciplinary team, allowing patients to come in and be assessed and treated by a team of the most appropriate professionals 'under one roof'. Collaborative working between team members ensures the optimum care, between specialist medical doctors (consultant psychiatrists), psychologists, counsellors/psychotherapists and therapists such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and dieticians. 

This variety of disciplines allows for each professional to contribute their expertise in a timely way, to meet each individual's need. This clinic structure allows for flexibility in tailoring care a rare luxury in our over stretched National Health Service and fragmented private sector care provision.

The service focusses on the importance of looking after both physical and mental health in tandem. So, for example, an individual suffering from an eating disorder can access a specialist dietician, talking therapies and medical supervision with excellent team co-ordination throughout all in one place.

These services help to fast track the treatment of patients which can be critical to the wellbeing of both the individual and their family. 


Guildford County Club 

Raising awareness of mental health issues amongst younger generations can be a relatively easy task, through delivering talks in schools and universities. Making older adults aware of these issues, however, is a different challenge. 

It's an impossible task to go into every workplace in Guildford, let alone Surrey to give talks raising awareness of good mental health.

Older people are not always as 'tech savvy' as the younger generation - the so-called 'digital natives'. Uptake of information via the internet can be more limited for even those who consider themselves 'digital immigrants' and it can be difficult to differentiate reliable, ethically sound information from misleading websites. 

This results in older adults tending to either ignore any issues they might have, soldiering on in the mistaken belief that there is nothing that can be done or resorting to the NHS, which is often unable to contribute the time and resources to address such problems effectively. 

Being a member of the County Club is a perfect way to allow Jane to talk about the importance of health in older adults. She previously held a cognition and memory workshop there, along with a Consultant Psychiatrist and a specialist Cognition Therapist, which aimed to help people understand what normal forgetfulness is and to recognise the indicators of more serious problems, where early action can and  should be taken.

On the 12th January 2017, she is planning a workshop for County Club members on weight management in middle-age and beyond. These regular workshops - free of charge to County Club members and their guests -  is the perfect way to spread awareness of a range of health issues.

As a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Jane is particularly keen to alert the business community to the toll of poor emotional wellbeing. We all understand that the common problems of stress, anxiety and depression have a negative effect on the individual, but few will appreciate that such problems accounted for almost 70 million days off sick, the most of any health condition, costing the UK economy between £70-£100 billion per year. Equally, the annual cost of mental health-related presenteeism (people coming to work and underperforming due to ill health) is £15.1 billion or £605 per employee in the UK. If such costs were to be reduced, the profitability of businesses in the County of Surrey would gain a much-needed boost.


Benefits of the County Club on Jane's business life

Despite being a relatively new County Club member, the networking opportunities have been great for Jane. It's given her the opportunity to hold talks and to meet new people to expand the Healthcare On demand service. The tranquil club environment also offers a peaceful haven for her, allowing time to reflect and give some further thought to the strategic challenges ahead. 

And what did her husband - Rupert, 3rd Baron Nathan of Churt get for Christmas? A Spouse Membership of the County Club, of course! 

To register for the Healthcare on Demand Weight Management Workshop on January 12th, please contact Kevin Lorimer at the Club. If you'd like to find out more about Healthcare On Demand, visit the website here or contact Jane directly on




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