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Introducing The County Club's Members

Introducing The County Club's Members

60-second interview with The County Club, Guildford member

Oliver McGeachy, CEO of Headway Surrey

What's your personal interest in being a member of The County Club, Guildford?

I've now been a member of the County Club for over 3 years. The reason behind becoming a member is that I've always been aware of how supportive the County Club is to the local community. It is a phenomenal place to network as well as being welcoming and friendly.

Tell us about Headway Surrey?

Headway Surrey provides support and services for people who've been affected by brain injuries across the county. We provide services such as cognitive rehabilitation, working out of our resource center as well as helping people to re-establish a meaningful and inclusive life. Outside of this we also help others who are directly affected by the impact of these injuries such as family and friends. We provide support as well as ensuring that the public are aware of the injuries that affect our friends and members. We facilitate support meetings and actively lobby for improved services as well as promoting activities with the aim of reducing the incident of head injuries.

What has been the highlight of being a member?

In 2013 the County Club nominated Headway its charity of the year. Through events organised by the County Club they raised over £20,000 for Headway! There is no other meeting venue in Guildford like it that provides excellent food and the members are people that really do care.

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